State-of-the-Art Testing and Development Environments

We plan, design, develop and manage next-generation mobility technology testing and development complexes for OEMs, technology suppliers and pure technology companies.

& Infrastructure

We develop customized policies for local, state/provincial, national governments to develop a structured system to accommodate and support advanced mobility; this includes issues such as infrastructure planning, transportation budget strategies, ridesharing, carsharing, testing and development on public and private roadways, and economic development and investment attraction.

OEM/Technology Company Testing Facilities

We directly help companies locate and create specialty proprietary test and development facilities.

Supply Chain/Facility Location

We serve as advisors to OEMs and suppliers regarding sourcing, transportation and logistics, and facility location.

Economic Development

We enable communities to develop Mobility Investment Hubs to create broad-based regional tax base and employment growth in the spectrum of related automotive technology sectors.

We support the mobility sector in various ways including: development of state of the art testing and development facilities, new market entrant planning, supply chain strategy, and public sector product procurement. We also support local and state governments in developing mobility policy, budget and infrastructure planning. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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