GLDPartners Mobility Solutions Investment Hubs GraphicFrom our work in the wider transportation sector, we understand that the future of mobility will be characterized by its overwhelming focus on technology. We will soon see an automotive sector that is not at all defined by the absolute lowest-cost location and commodity production. This is reflective of an evolution of the automotive sector from its legacy to what is essentially a newly defined “mobility sector”. The developing mobility sector will produce a two-tier system of industry concentration: 1) a small number of super-regional global nerve-centers in Asia, North America and Europe where technology is developed, tested and produced, and 2) niche test and development (and for some cases logistics and production) hubs in strategic secondary locations.

The needs and priorities of the sector are changing – increasingly, the sector will be centered around access to technology skills, interdependence with smaller high-technology companies and super-fast logistics.

GLDPartners Mobility Investment Hub Concept

GLDPartners Mobility Investment Hub Concept

Our strategic investment strategy relates to the development of strategically located Mobility Investment Hubs, in North America, Europe and Asia. The Mobility Investment Hub is a structured and secure setting for companies to collaborate, research, develop, test and certify products. The Mobility Investment Hub is an anchor from which concentrations of production and forward deployment high-velocity supply chain activities are centered.

With a specialized mobility testing and development complex as the core element, the Mobility Investment Hub provides a setting where large companies and suppliers can efficiently collaborate in a secure, state-of -the-art structured setting to bring products to market-readiness.

These Hubs are in strategic locations which provide unique value to the industry and are settings which can support fast-changing product innovation-to-production requirements – including the ability to seamlessly move parts and components to other final assembly facilities via a purpose-built ultra-high-efficiency logistics capability.

We support the mobility sector in various ways including: development of state of the art testing and development facilities, new market entrant planning, supply chain strategy, and public sector product procurement. We also support local and state governments in developing mobility policy, budget and infrastructure planning. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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