GLDPartners Mobility Solutions has a long roster of business relationships with global technology firms, specialized software developers, legacy OEMs, highly capitalized start-up OEMs

  • Automotive OEMs – Testing and Development Facilities, Supply Chain/Facility Location, New Market Entrant Strategy, Supply Chain Management Solutions
  • Automotive Suppliers – Testing and Development Facilities, New Market Entrant Strategy and Collaboration, Public Sector Procurement, Supply Chain Management Solutions
  • Technology Companies – Testing and Development Facilities, High-Velocity Supply Chain Management Solutions
  • Public Sector Asset Owners – Mobility Investment Hubs, Development and Management of Testing, Development and Production
  • Public Entities – Policy Development and Infrastructure Planning, Test and Development Facilities
  • Private Property Owners and Development Companies – Mobility Investment Hubs

GLDPartners Mobility Solutions also works closely with a number of global infrastructure and engineering firms and automotive testing and certification companies.

We support the mobility sector in various ways including: development of state of the art testing and development facilities, new market entrant planning, supply chain strategy, and public sector product procurement. We also support local and state governments in developing mobility policy, budget and infrastructure planning. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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