GLDPartners Mobility understands the automotive industry and the technology and business model forces that are shaping the future of human mobility.

GLDPartners is a recognized global authority around a range of transportation and technology issues. GLDPartners Mobility Solutions is a corporate subsidiary of GLDPartners which is an international investment and advisory firm that conducts business globally, with specialty in:

  • Supply chain, corporate strategy and facility location to manufacturers with global operating footprints, including the automotive industry and a range of technology sectors
  • Project development at and around seaports and airports, and inland ports

  • Mobility sector strategy, facility development and infrastructure project development

Our team has a range of expertise, including automotive sector strategy, property development: project planning and infrastructure planning/engineering, specialty technology test and development facility planning and design, investment project delivery, capital project funding, policy development and economic development.

We are specialists in supporting companies in the mobility sector working in the following applied technology areas: autonomy, connected vehicle, active safety and advanced propulsion/powertrain

  • Development of purpose-built multi-user, multi-zone testing and development facilities
  • Development of built-to-specification proprietary testing and development facilities

  • Support for new market entrants – securing public sector customers and facilitation collaborations

  • Supporting small businesses growth – facilities & collaborations

We are specialists in developing metropolitan/state platforms and partnerships for mobility companies and their products

  • Policy and regulatory structure to support testing, development and real-world environment product introduction
  • Planning and development of mobility-oriented infrastructure
  • Solutions for budget implications resulting from mobility impacts
  • Economic development strategy to support technology/automotive investments

We support the mobility sector in various ways including: development of state of the art testing and development facilities, new market entrant planning, supply chain strategy, and public sector product procurement. We also support local and state governments in developing mobility policy, budget and infrastructure planning. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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