GLDPartners is proud to announce the launch of our new mobility sector website.

GLDPartners Mobility Solutions is our dedicated company that is working inside the automotive/mobility sector – including on testing and development facilities, new market entry strategies, public policy and infrastructure planning, supply chain management and economic development.

The firm is currently working with a spectrum of companies including OEMs and technology companies  regarding automotive testing and development facilities, and new market entry and supply chain strategies. 

The website explains GLDPartners Mobility Solutions work on strategically located Mobility Investment Hubs, in North America, Europe and Asia. The Mobility Investment Hub is a structured and secure setting for companies to collaborate, research, develop, test and certify products and an anchor from which concentrations of production and forward deployment high-velocity supply chain activities are centered.  With a specialized mobility testing and development complex as the core element, the Mobility Investment Hub provides a setting where large companies and suppliers can efficiently collaborate in a secure, state-of -the-art structured setting to bring products to market-readiness.   These Hubs are in strategic locations which provide unique value to the industry and are settings which can support fast-changing product innovation-to-production requirements – including the ability to seamlessly move parts and components to other final assembly facilities via a purpose-built ultra-high-efficiency logistics capability.

See the new mobility website


GLDPartners is the parent of GLDPartners Mobility Solutions and is an international investment and advisory firm that specializes in revenue and infrastructure development projects at and around high-opportunity airports, seaports and strategic trade and logistics hubs. The firm also supports global manufacturers and distribution operations with network design strategy and facility location analytics. GLDPartners’ clients and market perspective is global and the firm is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, with offices in New York, Washington DC and in the UK.