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The Largest and Most Complex Industry in the World is Undergoing Fundamental Changes. These Changes Are Creating Generational Opportunities to Reshape Human Mobility and Economic Development Opportunities.

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About Us

GLDPartners Mobility Solutions understands the emerging mobility sector and the forces changing its technology and business model. Our team has deep experience in the sector, public policy, specialty facility finance and development and economic development.

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What We Do

We are involved in a spectrum of mobility sector activities, including: shared-mobility testing and development facilities, proprietary specialty testing facilities, new market entry, public policy planning and economic development.

Mobility Investment Hub

Mobility Investment Hubs

The Mobility Investment Hub is a structured environment for companies to 1) collaborate, research, test, develop and certify products, 2) produce and assemble parts and components, and 3) operate seamless and efficient supply chain systems.


  • Development & Production Are Becoming Increasingly Decentralized

  • Next-Generation R&D is Centralized at Key Hubs in Asia, North America and Europe

  • Cross-Border Partnerships and Alliances Are Playing New Fundamental Roles

Technology Revolution

  • New Technology Triad: Pure Technology Companies + Legacy Automotive Suppliers + Legacy OEMs

  • Non-Automotive Technology Companies Are Now Leading Forces

  • Four Key Technology Categories: Autonomy + Propulsion/Powertrain + Connected Vehicle + Active Safety

Supply Chain Evolution

  • Technological Evolution is Creating Massive Changes to What the Industry is and Where it is Located
  • New Sector Centers: Fundamental Changes to the System of R&D, Testing/Development, and Production
  • Technology Products Create New Requirements for Strategic Forward-Deployment and High-Velocity Shipments

GLDPartners Mobility Solutions Business Model

Business Model

  • Legacy Business Model Based on Commodity Production is Being Reshaped by Technology and Changing Customer Requirements: No Longer Defined by Traditional Production and Ownership Metrics
  • Now the Sector is Defined by Technology and Service/Products That Can be Sold or Monetized Through New Channels

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